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Details and information for Mountain Desert Economic Partnership (MDEP).

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The Mountain Desert Economic Partnership, facilitated by MDCP, is a collaborative, collective impact approach aiming to transform the economic landscape of the High Desert over the next 15 years.  Consisting of industry, government, education, and community representatives, MDEP focuses on building a sustainable culture of high-quality, local employees surrounded by an engaging and attractive community. MDEP participants are working toward the following long-term outcomes.

1. High Desert residents learn, work, stay, and play in the HD.

2. The HD is defined and recognized as a collaborative, action-oriented ecosystem.

3. We have adaptive, future-ready students.

4. The HD is a Hub for innovators and entrepreneurs. 

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Team Vision

Mountain Desert Economic Partnership will have a network/system/center that provides the technical, academic, and innovation skills to enable students to meet the needs of local industry.

Team Strategy

Engage the entire community to identify and prioritize the skills and opportunities and create the conditions necessary for student success in the workforce.

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Team Vision

All seniors will graduate with college credit and access to a post-secondary degree and certificate pipeline with a local 4-year presence to support workforce needs for current and future jobs in the High Desert.

team Strategy

Engage the community across multiple stakeholder groups to encourage and facilitate the expansion of post-secondary educational access without commute times to other communities or participation bottlenecks.

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Team Vision

The High Desert has a thriving economy with diverse opportunities that cultivate and retain a skilled workforce in a community providing safety, entertainment, diverse career opportunities and a high quality of life.

Team Strategy

Understand what industries are existing and emerging, and align education and career pathways so the High Desert has a locally trained and talented workforce. “Get our students into your jobs!”

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Active MDEP Partners