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Mutual Success through Strong Partnerships

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Mutual Success through Strong Partnerships

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Student internships

Research shows that the return on investment for businesses involved in internships is high.  Internships provide industry partners a try before you buy opportunity with potential employees.  MDCP can help industry partners by providing internship candidates who have already invested time and effort acquiring industry-specific skills.

teacher Externships

New employees with a deeper understanding and aptitude on the latest industry-specific technology, equipment and skills can help businesses reduce new employee training costs.  A local potential employee pool with these understandings and aptitudes can help a business reduce new employee search and relocation costs.  In order to train this local pool, we need local instructors with knowledge of the latest and greatest.  While our teachers all come from industry, teacher externships allow teachers to update their knowledge and skills and, in turn, train up individuals who can be an asset to your company.  Furthermore, the free extra help to your company from an individual with industry experience is a nice plus.


Mentorships train up participants with customized, real-time feedback and guidance that results in prospective employees with specific and time-tested skills focused to an industry sector.  Furthermore, many acknowledge the need to expand employee diversity, whether gender, ethnic, or otherwise.  Mentoring has been shown to be a key support for folks who are not traditional to an industry sector, increasing retention rates and successful career acquisition.  Also, mentoring provides mentors with ongoing, meaningful leadership capacity building.  This elevated leadership capacity can only help improve your business' performance.

Fieldtrips and Virtual Tours

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Did you know?

When you host a student intern or teacher extern, the liability and worker's comp coverage for that individual is provided by the district he or she is coming from.  

In our high schools, we have programs in every California-recognized industry sector.  This means we can connect you with folks who want to partner specifically in your industry sector.