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Embrace the Opportunities

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What is MDCP and why should I care?

MDCP is a joint effort between a bunch of school districts in the High Desert to ensure that you are prepared for awesome careers after high school, whether that means jumping right into the workforce or getting some more training and education after high school.  In order to do that, you need to know what careers are around here!  We partner with many businesses that have unbelievable career opportunities ranging from from high-paced medical jobs, to security-clearance-required Aerospace gigs, to manufacturing and mining jobs that require blowing up the sides of a mountain.  And we're not talking minimum wage here - we're talking about buy a house, raise a family, take them on a vacation kind of career salaries.  And all these businesses want to hire local talent, so what are you waiting for?  Get fired up and get involved!

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How do I get involved?

Now we're talkin'!  If you aren't taking a CTE (that's Career Technical Education) class, you really need to.  If you are at a public high school in the High Desert, chances are your school has a ton of great options.  These classes train you up in high-demand, high-skill, liveable wage industries and are the gateway to really getting out there and experiencing the thrill and satisfaction of applying all that learning you've been doing for most of your life.  Have you ever asked, "Teacher, when am I ever going to use this?"  Well now's the time.  And many of these classes offer free college credits.  That's free units in the bank!  Talk to a counselor or CTE staff member at your school and figure out what is of interest to you.  Once you're in CTE, the hands-on options are plentiful and exciting:  internships, competitions, field trips.  These are just a few.  Check them out below.  We're working on adding more even as you read this.

Opportunities you don't want to miss



Annually, we hold several local competitions and are looking to expand our competition list. Currently, we hold competitions in Culinary and Baking and, through our partnership with Victor Valley College, a Construction competition. We're looking into other areas for competition, such as medical and automotive. Please contact your school CTE staff or our office about details or to suggest a competition.




Field Trips

Students in our region have visited a number of exciting industry locations.  We're working on building a list of opportunities to share with your teacher, but if you want to see what an industry is about, feel free to contact us or reach out to your school staff.


Industry Mentors

We are currently researching how to build a sustainable and effective mentor program in our region.  Stay tuned for details as we hope to run a pilot program this coming fall.



If you haven't joined a CTSO and gone to a competition to test your mettle, you are missing out.  Not only is the lively competition fun, but you'll build career connections as well as friendships with peers across the region, state, or world. Click below for more information on each.  Ask at your school site if you are interested in participating in a CTSO.  If your school doesn't have the CTSO you are looking for, contact us as we'll see about connecting you with a member district that does.





Skills USA



what are articulations and how can they help me?

Articulations are agreements between your school district and a local community college.  While the specifics of how you earn credit differs a bit by course and college, generally speaking, if you get an A or B at the end of the year, do well on your final, and complete the majority of the class content, you can earn free college units for the course that is similar at that college.  This means you are generating good grades on a college transcript.  That equates to being able to skip some classes when you get to college if you choose to continue pursuing that industry sector career path.  Which, in turn, means securing your dream career is that much closer.  Follow the link below to find out which districts have articulations with which colleges.  If you have questions, ask your counselor or CTE/RPS specialist. 

list of articulation agreements by college





Being in a CTE class has helped me to learn more about the skills I’m interested in because I get to work hands on. Reading about these things in a book doesn’t do them justice.
— Sam Bowden, Granite Hills HS

The SCADA program is very unique. Before high school, I was interested in Engineering , but this class gave me in-depth knowledge that has influenced me to pursue a career path in it. The whole class has prepared me for a future career in engineering and it is so rewarding.
— Logan Sedano, Granite Hills HS
I knew I wanted to do graphic design, but this CTE class has increased my understanding and knowledge and really got me excited. My plan is to go to VVC for my Graphic Design certificate and then open my own business.
— Jacob Clements, Oak Hills HS