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MN Construction seeks welders


Do you have a passion for welding and want to get started on a career with a local company engaged in big projects?  MN Construction is looking for individuals with welding experience who can start right away, including students who will be graduating later this month.  They have multiple full-time positions available.  While MNC would love to have someone with AWS 1.1 and/or G3 structural welding certificates, these are not required as MN Construction is willing to train individuals who are invested in learning this in-demand trade.  Typically, new employees start at $14 per hour during a probationary period before moving to $16 per hour.  In fact, quality employees commonly see raises within 3-4 months!  

Those interested should send a resume to Nicolle Mendoza, Manager of Operations, at  Nicolle is a big supporter of local education, and we thank her for reaching out to us, which means she's reaching out to you!

And don't be afraid to use your school's resources to help polish up your resume.  Feedback and proofreading are always a good thing!  And make sure you check out their website to get a taste of some of the impressive projects you could have your hands in.

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